For Seafarers

  • Work placement

Visa and flag documents arrangements

Training center, courses of English for seamen

  • We provide high-quality assistance in the preparation of any documents for seamen.
We will assist in:
- urgent obtaining of required documents 
- training of seafarers
- exchange of educational and working diplomas, seaman's passports, STCW certificates
- restoration of marine documents
  • Informational, juridical and consultative support

Provision of any help required by the seamen including juridical support

Provision of all the details re the contracts

Piracy and unti-piracy politics of the companies

  • Cadet practice on the vessels of our clients with their further work placement

Cadet program is fulfilled on the request of the ship owner companies and close cooperation with the Marine Universities of Odessa. Based on the results shown, cadets have  a possibility to have a practice on modern vessels of our partners.

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Why CMS?

  • -          It is modern, energetic and efficient
  • -          It provides complex service
  • -          It cares about the interests of the ship owners
  • -          It selects the best crew for you
  • -          It provides crew for all types of the vessels
  • -          It is a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business

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