About CMS

Сomplex Marine Service Ltd. Is a young but fast growing company dedicated to search and provide careful selection of the crew both for cargo vessels and tanker fleet.

Company fully complies with state and international Maritime regulations and certified by MLC 2006 and ISO 9001:2008 requirments.

The management of the company perfectly understands the needs of the ship owners and tries to organize the work of the company and its departments  to minimize the time  losses and  get the best result. Effectiveness of work depends on the quality of the personnel provided. This is what we care the most and dedicate our utmost attention.

Complex Marine Service Ltd provides the complex service to our clients that includes complete preparation of the crew to join the vessel including the training should it is requested by the company.

The company cooperates with marine training centers, medical centers, inspection companies, repair services etc. that ensures that our clients get the full range of services needed for their non-stop working.

The clients from Greece, the UAE, Iran, Norway, the UK have already found their way to the successful work. We would be glad to see you among our clients as well!

Why CMS?

  • -          It is modern, energetic and efficient
  • -          It provides complex service
  • -          It cares about the interests of the ship owners
  • -          It selects the best crew for you
  • -          It provides crew for all types of the vessels
  • -          It is a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business

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13 May 2021
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